The summer heat and the tropical temperatures can cause serious upset on the healthy people. The sunstroke and the heat stroke are the main enemies in the summer. In the 10-15 days while we enjoy the beauties of the sea, the lake or the river we are not aware how much our organism is capable to accept all of that.

What is sunstroke?

The more time we spend on the sun, can lead to sunstroke, especially if the rear is directly exposed on a high temperature and sun light. Our body is cooling down through the cardiovascular system and through sweating. During a longer exposure on the sun, the temperature in the head is rising, the body tries to cool down the brain with bringing more cold blood in the head, which leads in spreading the blood vessels on the brain and in increasing its volume. These facts can’t be ignored in any case!

quench-your-thirstWhat you need to do?

The people with this problem must be taken in a cold or refrigerated, dark room and to accommodate. They should be cooled down gradually with watering and putting cold coating with ice on the rear and the head until the temperature comes back to normal.


  • Strong headache
  • Dry skin
  • Increasing the body temperature
  • Dizziness, unrest, visual impairment, fainting
  • Ringing in the ears, rapid pulse, rapid breathing