China produces false food?! Find out here which food is false!

Almost everything is coming from China in the recent years and is almost half the price than the other products. But is there something really bad that they’ve started producing? Recently the media has published that they have started to produce plastic rice. This rice damages the digestion and damages the hormones.

The rice is not the only product that is produced in this country. Here’s everything that they produce:

  • Plastic rice

It is about potatoes mixed with synthetic resin. When this ‘rice’ is cooked, it stays hard. The effects from this rice could be really negative.

  • Imitation of egg

The fake eggs are very popular in China. They use different chemicals, such as calcium chloride, alginic acid, gelatin and artificial food colors. The eggs themselves could provoke losing of memory.

  • Industrial salt

It could also provoke many healthy issues.

  • Chinese garlic

This garlic is sprayed with many chemicals that could be found only in China. It is interesting that this garlic is sold in USA, even in 31% of the entire market.

  • Beef from pork

The porky meet is cheaper, so some restaurants have came up with a way to earn more. They are making marinade from beef extracts to a pork meet, so the taste of the meet is similar to the beef, while at the end they sell porky meet with poor quality and bad taste.

  • Noodles from potatoes

For their production, they use ink and some chemicals in order to achieve its sweet taste, so the noodles in China are very sweet.