Christmas lunch and New Year: 7 tips to limit the damage (and not gain weight)

The Christmas lunch and the New Year’s dinner are seen by many people as nightmares because the risk to end up with a few pounds more is just behind the corner. Not to mention the guilt.

Here are a few tips to deal with the long sittings at the tables that characterizes these days, suggested by the Dr. Sabrina Oggionni, dietitian at the ‘Humanitas Gavezzeni’ in Bergamo, Italy.

  1. Reduced portions

The plates for the Christmas lunch and the New Year’s dinner generally are more processed than usual, so it is advisable to contain the overall amount: It is good to eat, but the portions should be reduced. And normally, the additional plates should be avoided.

  1. Don’t sit hungry at the table

If you sit at the table completely hungry, you risk to eat more and worse. So, it is good not to miss the breakfast, in case of the Christmas lunch, or to have a light lunch, in case of the New Year’s dinner and to avoid the binges in that way.

  1. Eat slowly

It is known, that eating slowly is always advisable. But during the Christmas lunches and dinners, it is even more advisable. << This little trick allows us to enjoy with more taste the various lunches and dinners and to reach sooner the sense of satiety and say “Enough!” >>, explains Dr. Sabrina Oggionni.

  1. Spice the plates, but limit saturated fats

If we are the hosts, during the preparation of our meals, we should avoid spicing them with lots of butter, cream, béchamel and other gravies rich with saturated fats. In order to give a flavor to the plates, we should exploit the spices and aromatic herbs, the vinegar and the lemon juice. The wine is best for cooking. If we want to make sauces, we better use the mustard than the mayonnaise.

  1. Avoid the sodas and very alcoholic drinks

The sodas and the alcohols are transforming into calories. “ Remember – underlines the Dr. Oggionni – with a normal glass of wine, we intake 100 kcal, while with a glass of soda we intake 140 kcal”.

  1. Limit yourself on one sweet

The Christmas is a blaze of sweets. Better concentrate on only one of them, because less is better.

  1. Avoid fasting compensators

If we don’t eat for three days, we won’t recover in the form we had before Christmas. Better, way better, is to stimulate the consumption of calories through the practice of physical activity. Take advantage in the resting days, to insert good walks, half an hour every day could be enough to get back in form.