Cigarettes: The “safe” smoke doesn’t exist!

There’s no need of 1 box of cigarettes a day in order to increase the risk of premature death: only one cigarette a day is enough to achieve this!

It’s better to smoke a bit, but even that “bit” is (very) harmful.

Couple of cigarettes during the break at work?! What do you think you’re doing?!”- lots of people are doing it, but why? Only half a cigarette a day is enough to increase the risk of premature death by 64%, compared to the non-smokers. However, those who smoke from 1 to 10 cigarettes a day, the risk increases up to 84%, compared to those who don’t smoke.

This is confirmed and demonstrated in a study conducted by the National Cancer Institute (NCI) in the USA, that included more than 290.000 persons, to analyze the effects by little (but constant) smoke on the health. Often, you tend to minimize the risks by reducing the dose of cigarettes in the organism, where you smoke less than 10 cigarettes a day.

Effort to remember

The researchers asked the volunteers, everybody over the age of 59, how many cigarettes they’ve smoked in different ages during their lives: by those who still smoke, 159 said that in average smoked less than 1 cigarette a day during their whole life, while 1500 confirmed that have smoked from 1 to 10 cigarettes a day.

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The candidates were intentionally chosen at old age, just in order to evaluate the impact of the habit, over the death risk. A bigger association was observed for a lungs cancer: those who smoke only 1 cigarette a day, increases the risk of death 9 times more than the non-smokers. For those who smoke around 10 cigarettes a day, the risk climbs for 12 times.

Heart and lungs

The researchers have then evaluated the premature death risk for respiratory diseases, such as emphysema, and for heart diseases. Those who smoke between 1 to 10 cigarettes a day, increases the risk of respiratory diseases by 6 times, and the risk of cardio-vascular diseases increases by 1.5 times.

Waiting for confirmation

The study presents few limits, such as the fact that bigger part of the volunteers were white Americans, in the age between 60 and 70.

Quitting smoking helps

More researches should confirm these data, including a small positive note. Between the “hardcore” smokers, the risk of premature death decreases if they quit, and in more significant mode if the habit of smoke is interrupted before.