Clean you pillows before it gets too late! We will show you how to do it right!

According to many experts, we should clean the pillows found in our bedrooms three times per year. Spring seems to be the ideal time to perform at least one of these recommended procedures.

But, when was the last time you’ve washed your pillow?When did you last clean the pillows you are sleeping on Here's how to do itIn case you believe that changing the pillowcase regularly is enough, you are not right.

Robert Oexman, the head of the Sleep to Live Institute, says that he washes his pillow twice a year and he changes the pillows frequently.

In case you have pillows that are suitable for washing in a regular washing machine, place two of these pillows in the machine. The reason why it is better to wash two pillows at once is to prevent damage because the washing machine drum can reach very high speed.

The fact is that most pillows get the typical yellowish color over time. In cases like this people don’t pay much attention because they always use clean pillowcases. But, you should obviously do more than this. Place the pillow in the washing machine. Pour one cup of bleaching powder, some hot water, one cup of regular washing powder and two to three tablespoons of baking soda.

Check the label on your pillow and wash them on the highest allowed temperature. Once the washing is finished, squeeze the moisture by hitting the pillow from every side and speed up the drying process. Leave it outside to dry and use it only when it is completely dry.