Cleanse your lungs of nicotine with corn and ginger!

The smokers who are ‘drowning’ in coughs could be saved with these few ingredients: ginger teas, pine needles or nettle, sweet corn, orange, onion and garlic.

You are exaggerating with consumption of cigarettes and you still can’t quit smoking, but you are coughing constantly? All you need to do is to drink the beverages below and you will cleanse your lungs and breathe easier.

Tea could help you, especially the fresh ginger tea, but also tea of pine needles or nettle tea, which you could consume as a salad. Eat fish and lamb, because they contain the antioxidant selenium. Consume also eggs and cereals.

The sweet corn is rich with beta-Cryptoxanthin, which is proven to cleanse the lungs of carcinoma, because it acts as a powerful antioxidant. If possible, purchase an organic sweet corn. The oranges have similar effects as the corn.

The garlic and onion, because of their composition, have anticancer effects. The researches have shown that in people with carcinoma, which regularly take this vegetable, the appearance of new tumor cells is prevented. Of course, the bad breath is inevitable, but think about the smell of the tobacco smoke in mouth and on clothes, so the smell of garlic won’t be unbearable.