Coconut water: 7 reasons to drink it more often

Consume it as much as you can, but, why its beneficial properties are taking effect on our organism? According to the experts, the ideal consumption should be daily, making sure that you have an active lifestyle, because 250 ml of coconut water contains between 45 and 60 calories. It may also be integrated as a supplement only after a fitness session, maybe after running or aerobic or after an hour work out in a gym.

  1. Helps you lose weight

The presence of fat in the coconut water is very low, so it could be consummated in high quantity without the risk of ingesting the unwanted sugars. In addition of filling, it is obviously richer than the simple natural water it helps in reducing the appetite.

  1. Helps in case of drunkenness

It happens to everyone, sometimes, to wake up a bit late with a headache and to spend the day with a spinning head thanks to the typical great night spent the day before. The coconut water helps to reintegrate the liquids and to pass the feeling of nausea and vomit that often reveal after drunkenness.

  1. Improves the skin

If you suffer of acne or you have combined skin and therefore you are more prone to the pimples and rashes (maybe for hormonal reasons), you can wash them with cotton pads soaked in coconut water and apply them on the affected areas.

  1. Hydration to 100%

The coconut water hydrates much more than the classical energy drinks that are used by the athletes: in fact it contains 294 mg of potassium and 5 mg of natural sugars for a glass and contains only 25 mg of sodium unlike the drinks from the store that arrives also in 40 mg.

  1. Facilitates the digestion

The lunch has stayed in your stomach? Drinking coconut water gives you a relief thanks to the contents of fibers and, if drunk frequently, also helps in avoiding the nagging stomach acid.

  1. It’s rich with nutrients

Unlike the drinks from the store, the coconut water contains 5 electrolytes that are present in our organism: calcium, potassium, phosphor, sodium and magnesium.

  1. Reduces the blood pressure

It seems that drinking a glass of coconut water every day can effectively help in reducing the pressure, because it balances the electrolytes that sometimes could be the reason for rising of the