Combination of food against the cancer!

The research of the British scientist has shown that combined consumption of certain products can help in the struggle against the cancer. The scientist from the Institute for food research in Norwich have found that combination of two substances that can be found in the food, sulforaphane and selenium, have 13 times stronger effect in struggle against the cancer than the effect they have if they are taken separately. This discovery could encourage the manufactures of the special food for struggle against the cancer, and the scientist recommends to combine chicken, cereals and red cabbage.

The sulforaphane in high concentration can be found in broccoli, cereals, cabbage and in the most salads, and the selenium can be found in the hazelnut, processed meat, fish, eggs, sunflower seeds and the mushrooms.

The scientist warns that although this substances have positive effects on the people’s health, they are still dangerous if they are taken in bigger amounts, and can be toxic!