Cure clogged arteries, blood lipid, infections and flu with these 3 ingredients!

Here’s a natural beverage, originated from ancient Germany, which is consisted of lemon, garlic, ginger and water.

It is good for regulation of increased level of blood lipid, prevention and cure of clogged arteries, prevention and cure of flu and infections, natural empowerment of the immune system, natural cleaning of liver, prevention of tiredness.


  • 4 lemons with peel
  • 4 big garlic heads
  • 1 small root of ginger (3-4 cm)
  • 2 l of clean water


Wash the lemons and cut them on pieces. Peel the garlic and mix it with lemons and ginger in a blender. Put the mixing in a metal pot. Add 2 l of water and heat all together right before boiling. Turn off the heating before it starts boiling and let the mixture to cool down. Strain it through a middle sized colander and pour in bottles.


Drink one glass of this mixture every day, at least 2 hours before a meal or on empty stomach. The combination of lemon and water neutralizes the smell of garlic. Shake the bottle good before using it.