If the combination of wrong ingredients lasts for a longer period, some serious health issues could strike!

Did you know that a combination of some foods is extremely dangerous for the health? The body accepts the ingredients in a different way, some of them are digested harder, some easier, so we should consume them separately.

Gasses, flatulence, nausea, stomach pain, digestion problems. All these ailments could be caused by the wrong combination of foods. If the combination of wrong ingredients lasts for a longer period, some serious health issues could strike, such as insomnia, tiredness, rash, dry skin and bad breath.

These are the most common combination of foods that we should avoid:

White bread and Jam

This is a popular breakfast, but after this breakfast you will still feel hungry. Because of this feeling, during the day you will exaggerate with food intake, because you haven’t intake the adequately amount of healthy fats.

Cereals with Milk

Cheap and fast, but both of the ingredients contain quickly digestible carbohydrates that could cause a fast loss of energy.

Non-fat dressing Salad

The non-fat dressing is not good in combination with vegetables, because the vitamins from the vegetables require a bit of fats in order to get absorbed. Besides, the non-fat products, or those with a low amount of fats, usually contain lots of sugar. Instead using these dressings, try seasoning the salad with olive oil.

Meatballs and Mashed Potatoes

This for sure is not a good idea to eat it for dinner, because it will cause digestive problems. The meatballs will supply your body with proteins, but also with lots of calories and fats. The mashed potatoes have really low level of fibers, and the most common ingredient is the butter, which makes it a high fat meal, and the shortage of fibers that will prosecute these fats will lead to constipation.

Hamburger with French Fries

One of the most common “snacks” of the nowadays man, but, as you surely already know, is not the healthiest choice. The overcooked fats and preservatives contained in the hamburgers are forming substances similar to the carbon – which is not good for the digestion, and it is also not good for the health. Consumption of these ingredients together even leads to accelerated aging.