Dazzling smile? It is a question of daily hygiene: a handbook that shouldn’t be neglected

Often neglected, the oral hygiene is very important! Not only to avoid the visiting of the dentist, but also to have always a dazzling smile, contagious and beautiful to see. Here are 6 suggestions to be proud of your smile and not go often at the dentist:

  1. Check up

Unnecessary delay, pretend that you’ve forgot it or postpone it: every 6 months is an obligation to visit the dentist. If you want to be more secure, you can request a X-ray of the teeth with the bitewing technique.

  1. Care about the nutrition

How? Avoid the sweets (the sugars are transforming into acids and attack the polish of the teeth) and limit the alcohol. The alcohol favors in fact the tumors of the mouth.

  1. Hygiene

Wash the teeth at least 2 times a day – for at least 5 minutes every time – better after the breakfast in the morning and after the dinner at the evening. Remember also that the teeth are washed from the red to the white or from the gingival to the teeth, and not brushing it horizontally. About the toothpaste, chose the specific one if you have, for example, sensitive gingival, ruined enamel or a tendency to develop caries.

  1. Precious allies

After brushing your teeth, don’t forget the two allies that keep the teeth and the gingival healthy: mouthwash and pipe cleaner. The first antiseptic, anti-plaque and enriched with fluorine, kills the bacteria, moving forwards and backwards in the floss and removes the plaque also in the places almost unreachable. Important! The mouthwash and the pipe cleaner don’t replace the brush and the toothpaste, but they complete the action.

  1. Change the brush more often

It is the most important instrument for the prevention of caries, because it removes in mechanic way the residues of meal and the plaque bacteria. To be effective, it should have very specific characteristics: straight handle, a compact head to reach easily every part of the mouth and artificial bristles soft enough and with rounded toe. Don’t forget these characteristics, but also change the toothbrush every 3 months.

  1. White, so it can’t be whiter

By time, the teeth get yellow and they lose their shiny superficial layer, that makes them white and healthy aspect. The smoking, the coffee, the sodas and other alimonies contribute in this process that can be slowed down in natural way or with help of kit for whitening made by yourself, or directly by the dentist.