Deal with the heat consuming liquids

In the hot summer days, when the heat is almost 40°C (104°F), it’s really important to recognize the torments caused by the heat, and the way we can handle them.

worker-646443_1280The heat becomes unbearable when our body is not anymore in capability to maintain the normal body temperature. The body temperature is maintained through sweating, which is not enough during the intensive exposure on high temperatures. The cooling process may be more difficult because of the moist air, which slows down the sweating, than the overweight, dehydration, use of drugs, alcohol, poor circulation, etc. The high temperatures cause exhaustion, cramps, rashes on the skin, heat stroke. Exhaustion is a direct result of losing big amount of water and salt through sweating- condition that may cause problems in circulation and brain functions. The adults are feeling it more than others, also the ones with high blood pressure, but also the people who works on high temperatures. The exhaustion symptoms are profuse sweating, cold and wet skin, weakness, dizziness, headache, slow heart rhythm.

The heat stroke is the most serious consequence from longer exposure on high temperatures. In this case the body temperature is increased sharply and in short time (10-15 minutes) it can reach even 41°C (106°F). The heat stroke happens suddenly and without previous symptoms. In that case it’s necessary a emergency care to prevent lasting health consequences. Heat stroke symptoms are high body temperature, red and hot skin without sweat, dizziness, water-663100_1280headache, fatigue, confuse and loss of consciousness, lack of breath, cramps and blood on the urine and faeces.

How can we help ourselves?

If you feel difficulties, the easiest way to help yourself is to keep off the high temperatures. You must immediately start consuming liquids intensively (natural juices, tea, mineral water), but also to consume food that contains a bit of salt. In that way you will compensate the losses from sweating.