Did you know that the lemon is most effective than the nicotine patches?!

Talking about the cigarettes, the easiest way to quit smoking is never to begin.

If you had the accident to have this habit, there are still options that could help you.

Most of the available options could be helpful, but they are mostly full with chemicals and nicotine. The scientists have found this natural trick which could be as effective as the other products.

For most of the people, if they quit smoking, new habits appear, such as biting nails.

It may sound weird, but sucking a lemon could restrain the lust for cigarettes.

Simply wash a lemon and cut it on 4 equal pieces.

Every time you feel a desire to light a cigarette, take all the pieces and suck them one by one and at the end, eat the peel.

It sounds crazy, but it is super effective!