Discover how to alleviate flu and cold with acupressure. Apply self-massage against illnesses!

If you dedicate just a little time each day for the ancient skill of acupressure, you will soon discover you can alleviate stress and prevent or relieve numerous ailments including flu and cold.

Here you will find several tips on how to alleviate sore throat, cough, running nose and aches throughout the body by pressing a determined point on your arm with your fingers.

Unlike acupuncture, which involves accurately sticking a needle on a specific point, acupressure enables massaging of a whole surface, which has a stimulating effect on the whole body.

And you can perform it on your own.

Before you start: relax

Before starting the self-massage, make yourself comfortable in a chair or an armchair.

Do not cross your legs. Breath evenly.

Warm your palms well by rubbing them against each other for a minute in order to energize them and make them more sensitive to external stimuli.

Hold your palm in the opposite hand and lay your hands on your thighs.

Start to stimulate the desired acupuncture point.

If you feel the pain during the massage, do not forget to slowly breath in and out.

Which part of the fingers to massage?

Cold: massage the first joint from the top of the thumb in order to stimulate the nose and the throat.

This kind of massage alleviates problems with breathing and swallowing, stuffed nose and cough.

Sore throat (pharyngitis i laryngitis): stimulate the lower portion of the thumb to relieve throat inflammation, difficulty swallowing, coarseness and other problems.

Aches in the sinuses and sinusitis: the points corresponding to the sinus cavities are on the tips of four fingers except for the thumb.
Massage the fingers as close to the tips you can.

This will alleviate the pains in the sinuses, headache, vertigo, feeling of pressure in the head, blocked nose and difficulties breathing. It also helps the release of the nasal discharge.

Flu: apply the pressure on the fleshy pulps on all fingers.

This soothes the aches in the muscles and the whole body. It also induces relaxation and peace.

For an additional effect, softly massage the tender skin between the fingers to stimulate the functioning of the lymphatic system and induce the elimination of excess fluid and waste from the organism.

How does the acupressure help your body?

Acupressure acts on the organism in the following ways:

  • preventively: by regularly pressing the main acupuncture points you maintain good health and prevent the development of an illness;
  • diagnostically: a severe discomfort or pain on the point of pressure may indicate a problem regarding the functioning of a determined organ;
  • therapeutically: through a systematic and regular stimulation you can regain your health.

The first beneficial effect of the acupressure is eliminating the tension, because of the pressure on certain points directly promotes relaxation and regaining physical balance.

The general condition of the organism improves quickly because the massage moves stimulate circulation and oxygen flow through the blood.

In this way the massage promotes the production of the lymph, which regulates the elimination of harmful substances from the organism and helps the formation of the indispensable immunity system killer cells.

The application of the acupressure induces the production of analgesic substances in the body.

It also breaks the blockade in the life energy flow so that the organism starts self healing.

Find the time for self-massage in your daily schedule, as it is a simple, cheap and accessible method for which your organism will be grateful.