DISTURBING: 8 diseases caused by irregular teeth brushing!

According to the World Dental Organization, 80% of the teenagers and almost 95% of the adults have at least 1 caries, because of the irregular teeth brushing. Here’s why you should wash them more often!

The advices of the dentists for brushing the teeth every day, are not taken so seriously and the result is painful teeth. If you are too lazy to walk to the bathroom before sleeping and wash your teeth, then these data could change your mind.

Heart diseases

A British research conducted on 12 000 respondents, confirmed that those who are not brushing their teeth twice a day, have 70% higher risk of appearance of heart disease.


Bacteria from the mouth, after entering the bloodstream, could provoke infections in the body.

Tooth loss

If there’s an appearance of plaque between the teeth and gum, the consequence could be tooth loss.


If you don’t brush your teeth regularly, between the plaque layer and the teeth will appear a bacteria layer. The consequence will be inflammation of the gums. If it’s not healed, it could cause Parodontitis, a serious infection of the gums and acute necrotizing ulcerative gingivitis. This is the most severe form of gum inflammation.


The bacteria from the mouth could cause inflammation of the arteries. The consequence could be appearance of atherosclerosis and because of it, the risk of stroke and heart attack is higher.


An American research conducted on 5 000 respondents showed that regular brushing of the teeth and gum hygiene could decrease the risk of dementia development in old age. If you don’t brush your teeth at least once a day, the risk of dementia is higher for 65%.

Alzheimer’s disease

In the brain of the diseased with Alzheimer’s there are more bacteria that cause gum diseases than in the brain of healthy people. It’s assumed that these bacteria could cause damage to the brain.


The Aspiration Pneumonia is one of the biggest causes of death of older people. It often appears because of inhaling debris of braces or teeth. When those particles reach the lungs, they could cause a dangerous inflammation. That’s why everyday cleaning of the braces is strictly recommended!