DISTURBING: A serious disease struck a woman that often visited a solarium!

Judy Cloud (49) shared on Instagram few photos that won’t leave you indifferent!

Namely, the doctors have removed from her face 23 dots of skin cancer from her face, shoulders and legs, and she spent more than 27.000$ for this treatment. All together, because she had 4 surgeries, she couldn’t eat solid food, and she couldn’t move for 2 weeks.

As she explained, she shared the photos that on the social networks in order to warn the other people how dangerous is the exposure of sun and especially the exposure in the solarium.

I hope that the people will understand that this could happen to them and that the darker skin tone is not worth dying for”- said Judy, which as a teenage girl enjoyed spending too much time exposing herself of the sun, but she claims that she never exaggerated with visiting the solarium.

Some of her family members have already met this dangerous disease, but Judy hoped that she will avoid it. That’s why, when in 1995 the doctors diagnosed the disease, she was shocked.

I had a tiny spot on my face that was bleeding and it was appearing again and again, and it didn’t want to disappear”- says Judy.

By the time, she decided  to visit a dermatologist that explained her that she has a basal cell carcinoma of the skin, which is the most common type of skin cancer.

Many people have told me that they feel better after going to solarium or after spending hours of sunbathing. Look the photos. This could be you. The cancer could attack anybody, even those with the darkest skin tone. It’s a mistake when somebody says that only those with a lighter skin tone could get skin cancer”.

Judy has 2 daughters, Kayla (26) and Christy (27), and especially because of this she wants to appeal to the young women and let them know that the skin cancer could strike anybody.