DO NOT PANIC! IT’S NOT A FATAL! You’re losing your hair and you don’t know why?! Here are the possible reasons!

When the hair starts falling of rapidly, the first thought is that you have leukemia or you will have to go on chemotherapy. But, we won’t go that far. Most of the people have problems with losing their hair, mostly men, but sometimes it could happen to women, even in the mid ages. If you know the right reason, it could be healed.


Inherited genes could have the main role in losing the hair, no matter if you are a man or a woman. The genes could determine when will you start losing the hair, how long it would last and how much hair you will lose.

Hormonal changes

Different hormonal changes in women could lead to temporary loss of hair, which often occurs during pregnancy or near giving birth. The beginning of the menopause, could also have effects on hair loss. The thyroid gland affects the hormonal level and the problems with it could initiate the hair loss.

Certain medications

Some medications and health issues could affect significantly on hair loss. The medications against arthritis, cancer, cardiovascular diseases and high blood pressure could cause hair loss. Constant intake of vitamin A, could also have harmful effects on the hair.

Infections and diseases

Alopecia is a disease that appears when the body couldn’t recognize its own cells, so it destroys the tissue and follicles of the hairs, thinking that they are a threat. The scalp infections have negative effects on the hair quality, so it leads to dandruff appearance and bald parts on the head.

Specific hair styles

According to the researches of the Mayo Clinic, you shouldn’t tie your hair too tight, because it can lead to alopecia. Also, you should avoid using preparations that could leave permanent scars.

The Dermatologist Wendy Roberts highlights that you should avoid strong chemicals, colors and straightening irons. If you lose the hair in this way, it can be treated with different preparations, so you should immediately see a dermatologist.

Physical or emotional shock

There are many reasons of hair loss that are not connected with any health condition. Hair loss could be a consequence of physical or emotional shock, and it brings with itself different difficulties, such as weight loss and diseases.


Drink vitamin B

There are many natural ways to bring back the lost hair. Consume the ingredients rich with vitamin B, iron and folic acid. Biotin, or vitamin B7 helps the hair growth and nail growth, and the ingredients rich with this vitamin are the eggs, meat products, bananas, dark green vegetables and sweet potato.

Jojoba oil

The jojoba oil is gathered by the jojoba herb, which has golden color and smells like a walnut. It’s rich with vitamins E and B, contains silicon and zinc, and it’s a great remedy against fungal infections and bacteria.

Stimulate the bloodstream

The key thing against hair loss is to maintain a healthy stream of oxygen and circulation, especially on the scalp. It’s important to check if you have enough iron. Try to apply aloe vera gel, rubbing it gently and washing it in a few minutes.