Do not throw the onion tails! They can replace the medications!

The spring onion is a very precious ingredient. Often the green part of it, ends up in the garbage. But, the green part is extremely healthy.

The green tails are anti-inflammatory, they are helping in case of colds and high blood pressure, acts against the fungus, stress and tiredness.

  • If you have throat inflammation, you can get rid of it with onion tails, ginger and salt.

Grate the tails and the ginger, and put them together with the salt in a cloth bag and heat it up. Wrap the hot compress into another rag or towel and put it on the inflamed area (throat, breast, palms or back).

  • The spring onion also helps in case of swollen legs.

Cook the onion for few minutes. Mix it in a blender until the mixture becomes a paste.

Spread the paste on the swollen parts of the legs. This recipe is used for hundreds of years and is really effective.

  • If you are constantly sniffing, use the spring onion.

Mash the onion and soak a cotton ball or cotton pads into the onion juice.

Put the wet compress on the nose or in the sinus area.