Do this three-minute exercise every day, and improve the hunchback posture!

Almost every second person has a hunchback posture problems, and most of them are the teenagers. This problem appears because of spending too much in sitting position, over the laptop, reading. But it is about time to solve this problem with a simple exercise.

What people don’t really understand is that the upright sitting is in fact bad for you, mostly because it causes stress to your spine. But, the worst thing is when the bad posture could lead to sleeping problems and hunchback. Luckily, there’s a three-minute exercise which could help you solve this problem.

What you should have in mind is that although these exercises have instant results, they last shortly. In order to repair the damage you caused to your body for years, you will have to do the exercise twice a day, in the morning and at night, at least for a month. Thereafter the improvements will start long lasting results.