Do you know enough about the vitamins?

The vitamins are organic substances that are necessary for life. They are essential for normal functions of our body, for proper growth, vitality and good health. But don’t think that the vitamins can replace the food. In fact, the vitamins can’t be assimilated without eating. They are not a replacement for the proteins or any other nutrient, such as the minerals, carbohydrates, fats. You can’t take vitamins, to abstain from eating and to expect at the end to be healthy.

The vitamins are contained in every organic compound but in different quantity. Practicing balanced nutrition, in which will be contained the vegetable, the fruit, cereals and other products that are the basis for healthy food, you will get all the vitamins for maintaining the vitality. However, despite the big number of people who have reoriented for a healthy lifestyle, yet there are some people who are proponents for the white sugar, white flour, canned and fatty foods. If you are eating this foods often, you are risking to cause disease because of low consummation of nutrients necessary for healthy organism.

How and when should be taken vitamin supplements?

health-621351_1280The human organism is functioning according to 24 hour cycle. Your cells are not sleeping when you do, but they cannot exist without a constantly inflow of oxygen and nutrients. So, if you want to get the best results, you need to take vitamin supplements in certain parts of the day.

The best time for taking the supplements is during the meal or after it. The vitamins are organic substances and they are best absorbed if you take them together with the food and the minerals. So, the vitamins of the B complex and the vitamin C that can be dissolved in water and are quickly excreted through the urine, and they are best to take 3 times a day, during the main meals.

If you are forced to take the supplements all at once, once a day, make that be during the heaviest meal. In other words, it’s better to take them after lunch, not after the dinner. The minerals are essential for the proper absorption of the vitamins, so pay attention to take them together with the vitamins.