Do you remember this kid, which was left to die?! When you see it now, your eyes won’t stop tearing!

Not more than a month, the world was shocked with videos from Nigeria, on which could be seen a starved 3 year old boy, which was accused by the residents that it’s a witch!

The boy was saved by the humanitarian worker Anja Ringgren Lovén, and she gave him the name Hope.

Anja Ringgren Lovén have published photos of a smiling child in much better health condition than a month before.

The day I carried this sweet little boy in my arms for the very first time I was so sure he would not survive. Every breath he took was a struggle and I did not want him to die without a name, without dignity, so I named him Hope” – wrote Anja Ringgren Lovén on the Facebook pare of her organization, which helps the kids in Nigeria accused of witchcraft.

Hope to me is a special name. Not only the meaning of Hope, but what it stands for. Many years ago I got the name HOPE tattooed on my fingers because to me it means Help One Person Everyday” – added Anja.

Millions in donations

The child was abandoned in the area of Oyo, due to accusations of witchcraft, and Anja Ringgren Lovén then gave him water and food. The photo prompted the people to donate more than a million to her organization, which helps the kids accused of witchcraft.

When we heard that the kid is only 3 years old, we didn’t think at all. We reacted immediately. A child at this age couldn’t survive alone in the streets” – said Anja.