Doctors confirmed: Sex two times in a row triples the male fertility!

From eating particular food to trying different poses, there are numerous wisdom about increasing the chances of getting baby.

One of the most popular methods is abstinence of sex before the sexual act, so the number of sperm could increase and the erection will be better.

However, the newest research made by the doctors in North Middlesex hospital in London, turned this theory upside down. It’s proved that, namely, having sex 2 times in an hour could triple the chances of the man to become a parent. The second time is the one that counts.

In the research have participated 73 couples, that have been in a process of assisted fertilization. When the men who were below-fertile, gave 2 samples of their sperm in 1 hour, the doctors used the second sample during the fertilization process, the results have been stunning. The pregnancy percentage raised-up for 20% -which is 3 times more than before.

15 women stayed pregnant immediately and 9 more in the next month, during ovulation, while the men were trying the new technique.

The healthy institutions, recommend to the men that want to increase the fertility, to avoid sex minimum 2 days before the assisted fertilization, in order to have good samples of their sperm.