Don’t forget the benefits from the barley

If you want to follow the route of healthy nutrition and to feel the positive results from it, you cannot forget the barley- cereal that allows correct functioning of the organism.

It’s sad that today most of the young population, that practice to “eats on foot”, never tasted this cereal with incredible contents. However as we get older we start to think how to avoid heart attack and other deceases, which are the most common consequence of unhealthy nutrition.

Namely, the barley is one of the most used grains with wide consumption in people’s nutrition. It’s highlighted with its healthy action on the organism. As a great source of soluble fibers and unsaturated fatty acids acts perfectly in decreasing of the cholesterol in blood, which is not case with other grains. The barley contains all the necessary minerals, such as calcium, magnesium, iron, potassium, phosphorus, sodium and iodine, and from the vitamins contains all from the B-group, vitamins A, E and C.

There are many products of barley, such as barley flakes, barley in grain, integral barley flour and barley sweetener- maltex.

cereal-556786_1280The barley flakes are easiest for use. You can prepare light and fast meal just with immersion of two tablespoons in milk, yogurt or juice. You can sweeten the meal with some natural sweetener such as brown sugar, honey, grape sweetener or with barley sweetener. Barley flakes are more recommended in summer, when we need fast and light meal.

Barley in grain is consumed boiled. You can add it in pottage or to make barley pudding in the same way you prepare the rise pudding. The barley mucus that produces during the boiling of the grain is ideal food in diseased throat and stomach.

Integral barley flour will help you in preparing tasty pasties. It will increase the nutrition of the pasta that you usually prepare with wheat flour. The best results can be achieved if you mix the barley and the wheat in 1:3 relation (one cup of barley flour with three cups of wheat flour). From the barley flour you can also prepare mash and cream soup. For this purpose it’s mixed with water in 1:4 relation and it’s boiled on light fire until the mixture is thickened.

barley-229079_1280One of the most famous barley products is the barley sweetener- maltex. It’s prepared with extraction of the malt from the barleys grain- process that allows the important ingredients to remain into the barley. The maltex in fact is naturally balanced mixture of carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and enzymes. It acts positively on the respiratory tract, relieves the cough and relieves the expectoration. You can eat it with milk, tea, cookies, juices, etc. But you can also consume it directly with a spoon, because it has great taste and aroma. It’s recommended for all ages.

Don’t forget to enlarge your menu at least few times a week with the barley which is really valuable, but also neglected grain. With it you will make a real step into good health and long life.