Drink even if you are not thirsty!

Taking liquids is needed even when the man does not feel thirst, especially the old people, warns the Australian scientists.

The scientists say that the doctors often have problems with patients that suffer from losing their consciousness, because they drink less liquid daily. At the old people that is consequence of oscillating feeling of thirst.smoothies-785678

The human’s body, depending of the age, contains 50-60% of water. Receptors are in charge for maintaining of the needed level of liquids in the body, that ‘measures’ the eventual lack or excess of liquids. Lack of liquids causes thirst, and the excess cause urination. However, at the old people, one of these two components often does not work, mostly the perception for thirst. The science doesn’t have the exact answer for this problem. That’s why the doctors are recommending the elder people to take as liquids as it is necessary for one day, not waiting to feel thirst. It is recommended to drink 1,5l of liquids daily, if the doctor does not prescribe another dose. Some doctors are also recommending diluted natural fruit juices, and despite juices and coffee, it’s necessary a glass of water.