Every woman SHOULD know about this EXTRAORDINARY remedy!

We live in a small, crowded world, in which we need advises for making up or diet or something similar. Everyone knows some clever solution, but when it is about any disease, especially the diseases in the intimate areas, everybody shuts up. For God’s sake, it’s a shame!

However, when it’s about the vagina, we should all speak about it, because we believe that many women have problems with the ugly fungus. Most of the women don’t know that they have the remedy in their homes!

The garlic is the worst nightmare for the fungus. The bakers know that they shouldn’t put garlic in the dough, because it won’t grow.

The garlic is killing the fungus, you should remember that, despites its smell.

When a woman notices signs of itching because of the fungal infection, she HAS to start with the following treatment:

Take one garlic and peel it, but peel it with your hands, not with a knife.

Pass a thread through the garlic, and put it inside the vagina. (As a tampon)

In the morning, you should throw it out, using your vaginal muscles. If it gets stuck, use the thread.

The garlic causes a discharge in the vagina, so don’t be surprised.

Repeat this procedure until it disappears completely!