Feet bunions: natural remedies!

Bunions are growths on the feet, from which suffer many people. From this problem mostly suffer the women, but sometimes it can happen to the men. Besides the bunions are spoiling the appearance, they could be also painful. They mostly appeal due to wearing narrow shoes and overload of the foot, or because of arthritis and rheumatism.

Natural remedy of the bunions

Bay leaf

In order to remove the bunions, you should first remove the deposit of salt in the organism. Pour a teaspoon of bay leaf with 300 ml of water and boil it for 5 minutes, then put it in a thermos and let it stay in it over a night. Strain the beverage in the morning and drink it during the day, not at once. The beverage is taken 3 days in a row, and every night should be made another one. After 3 days, you should make a break from 7 days, and then the therapy repeats. You will see the first results in 10 days, when you will feel the lightness on the body and less joint pains. Maybe you will have the need for urination, which is a good sign, because the salts are getting dissolved. This treatment lasts for 2 months, and after that the bunions should disappear completely. This recipe also helps in breaking the bile stones.

Lubrication of the bunions

Chop 5 bigger bay leaves, and pour with 100 ml of 96% alcohol. The mixture should stay for a week. After that lubricate the bunions with the mixture, but firstly steam the legs in water with a tea spoon of bicarbonate. Relax the legs after the treatment and put on socks necessarily.


Any kind of soap could help the painful bunions. Chop the soap finely and lubricate the bunions. Massage the legs, wash them and dry. Soak in iodine a cotton swab and draw a net on the skin, or more precisely, horizontal and vertical lines, on a distance of 1 cm. This way the iodine is best absorbed. When it dries, put on socks, and repeat the treatment for 30 days.


Mix a bag of fabric gelatin with half a glass of water. Spread the mixture over a cotton towel and put on the bunions like a covering. Put a plastic bag over the coverings and a dry towel over it. The covering should be putted over night. Put the coverings every day, until the condition doesn’t improve.