Fight again the asthma with milk!

The little kids, that regularly eat dairy products which contain milk fats, have lower risk that they will suffer asthma, say the Dutch scientists.

In this research have been analyzed the nutrition of 3 000 kids older than 2. It was found that the kids which nutrition was consisted of milk and butter had the lowest risk that they will have the symptoms of asthma in the near future.

The scientists say that the different ingredients of the milk fats, such as the special types of milky acids, have protective role against asthma.lacteos

The explanation for the increased frequency of asthma and hay fever in the developed countries, the scientists are finding it in the impaired balance in input of different types of fats that affect on the immune system work.

The scientists call for moderation and warn that their research should not serve as occasion for excessive consumption of butter and sour cream that contain high level of saturated fats, as known as triggers of cardiovascular diseases.