Find out what acne on a specific place causes and how to remove them!

This is incredible, but the reality says something else. The place where acne appears, shows what health problems we have.

Acne on the forehead

They could be a result of bad digestion. Reduce the intake of fast food and fatty food. The cucumbers could help in this case.

Acne between the eyes

This condition is a possible indicator that we have problems with the liver. Drink less alcohol and eat less dairy products and fatty food.

Acne on the lower part of the cheeks

The possible reason for this is bad oral hygiene. Brush your teeth thoroughly, at least twice a day.

Acne on the upper part of the cheeks

The upper part of the cheek reveals the bad functions of your lungs. Also, it could be caused because of the polluted air and smoking habit.

Acne on the chin

They appear due to intestinal problems and hormonal changes. They usually appear during the period.

Acne on the neck and chests

The only reason for the appearance of the acne on these body parts is the stress. Practice yoga and meditate every day in order to remove the unwanted acne.

Acne on the nose

They are a direct reflection that your heart is not in the best shape and that you have high blood pressure. Healthier nutrition could correct this condition.