From now on, every girl should have a TEASPOON in her vanity case!

Nowadays, in the beauty salons and shops, and especially on the internet, you could find smaller or bigger gadgets which could help you get more beautiful.

Now we will present you 1 unusual ‘make up’ gadget.

All those powerful gadgets, which could help us in a record time and make us look as real diva, are not enough, so some women came to mind and add one of the oldest Accessoires – the teaspoon!

If you are preparing for a night out or you want to shine on some glamorous event, besides the powder, good shading and pedant applied eyeliner, you will have to pay attention to the eyelids shading.

The things is that if you are not skilled enough, you will probably give up after the first try. Unless you know the teaspoon trick.

A video of a YouTube blogger has become viral after she published it on her channel, and explained in details how one ordinary teaspoon could help you in makeup.