Fruits and vegetables that will help you fight with premature aging!

The human’s nutrition contains many ingredients that are rich with antioxidants, that are of great importance in the fight against the unwanted warts and elimination of carcinogenic cells.

While many ingredients, such as the chocolate and the popcorn are promising these benefits, however, the best way to achieve a young appearance are the natural fruits and vegetables.


The lycopene contained in the tomatoes, is a powerful antioxidant that traps the free radicals, helps in the fight against carcinogenic diseases and activates the collagen.


This leafy vegetable is rich with the vitamin K, which acts soothing for the heart and prevents the osteoporosis. Contains vegetable fibers that decrease the blood pressure and the level of cholesterol.


The eggplant is rich with nasunin, which helps against spreading of the harmful and carcinogenic cells, that connecting with them, prevents them to reach the needed blood flow for their spreading.

Red pepper

The red pepper contains around 60% more vitamin C than the green peppers. Also, well known is the action of the vitamin C over the reduce of warts and the activation of collagen.


The rutin, the key ingredient of the blueberries is a powerful antioxidant, and reduces the risk of heart disease and blood clot.


The basil is rich with eugenol, an antioxidant which helps in destroying of the free radicals and body detoxification.

Brussels sprouts

Our cells are naturally occupied with suppressor tumor genes. The sulfur contained in the brussels sprouts, could help the body to suppress those genes, and significantly reduce the tumor risk or the premature aging of the cells.