Fruits and vegetables, the foods similar to some organs to whom are beneficial

Do you know that there are natural foods who are similar to the people’s organ they are healing? That’s what Signatura Rerorum claims, the so called “sign of things”, a discipline made by the Rennaisance medic Paracelso who puts in relation the fruits and vegetables form with the human organs that each ingredient is able to heal, thanks to their properties.

For a long time, this theory has been considered as quite imaginative, but actually, even the science confirms some aspects of this discipline. It’s possible, for example, to find similarities between the nuts and the brain. And, only the nuts are very beneficial to our brain. This relation includes many natural foods.

Let’s see in following for which foods it is about:


The avocado’s form, a fruit with many beneficial properties, with a seed inside, reminds of a pregnant woman. This fruit is excellent for gaining weight during the pregnancy and it’s great for ovarian  and cervical cancer prevention. From a flower to a mature fruit, in order to grow an avocado are needed exactly 9 months.


The celery, with all of its remifications, looks a lot like the bones. Exactly on the skeletal system, the celery brings many benefits. It is a perfect ally of the bones, thanks to the big amount of mineral salts it contains. The bones of the human body are composed of 23% of sodium and the celery has exactly 23% of this mineral.


The nuts have a form which looks a lot of the human brain, with 2 hemispheres and the many links between the various areas. These fruits are very important for our brain, because they allow us to gain energy if we feel tired and stressed. All of this is because the presence of very important nutrients, such as the phosphorus and magnesium.


Even the grapes are connected, according to this ancient discipline, to the human’s body. It’s about the lungs: the grapes form reminds a lot to the pulmonary alveoli. This fruit, furthermore, guaranties numerous benefits right to the lungs, thanks to its protective properties against cancer.


The mushroom slices are reminding a lot of the ears. Another interesting connection, because right the mushrooms are performing a beneficial action towards the ears. According to few recent researches, in fact, the ergosterol they contain, the precursor of the vitamin D, is fundamental for improvement of the hearing, thanks to its capacity to act on the benefit of the small bones which transmit the vibrations from the eardrum to the nerves.