He beat the cancer with this plant, although doctors gave him 18 months of life! Find out how?!

David Hibbitt got cancer on the small intestine, and after the estimates of the doctors, he had only 18 months of life left. However, he is enjoying his life with his new spouse, and the fact that he beat the cancer.

This 33 years old man from Staffordshire claims that he cured completely the cancer, using cannabis oil, which costs around 50 pounds per gram at the local dealers.

‘My friends told me to try the cannabis oil, but at the beginning I refused to take it. I was against taking drugs’, says David.
‘However, I felt how the chemotherapy is killing me slowly and I had nothing to lose. I didn’t wanted to accept the fact that I am going to die’, added David.

After the exhausting chemotherapy and radiotherapy he had an operation on the small intestine in March 2013, but everything was a failure. However, the only thing that helped him was the cannabis.

When David found out that he cured the cancer, he married Header (26), the girl with who he was 6 years in relationship.

The British Institute for Cancer Prevention said that is conscious that patients use cannabis as a cure, but they still claim that there are no solid evidences for its efficiency and safety.