He suffered from migraine for 50 YEARS: After doing a crazy thing, he solved the problem FOREVER!

One retiree suffered from heavy migraine almost in his whole life. Now, on old age, he claims that has cured himself miraculously. He did it by doing something unexpected for a man of his age.

There’s nothing left, that this British, Kolin Simen (79), had not tried to cure his migraine. This man, father of two, admitted that if he was not taking those powerful medications, he would be ready to commit a suicide.

However, one day, he heard from some people that they cured their migraine thanks to a piercing. He was so desperate, that he decided to put a piercing in a specific part of his ear, although that’s not in his mood.

Those who support this method against migraine, say that it acts like an acupuncture, while the doctors claim that there are no proves that this method cures the headaches.

Would you put a piercing, if that’s the only way you can cure yourself?