He went to the doctor because of a mosquito bite, but the problem was completely different!

The doctors have found that the 11 years old Mathew Kirk has a rare tumor on his nostrils, which yearly in the UK appears only at 10 people, while the boy thought that it is only about a mosquito bite.

What in the beginning looked like a simple mosquito bite on the boy’s nose, actually was a rare and deadly tumor.

The boy from the UK thought that he got bitten by a mosquito, while he was on a vacation in Mallorca with his parents, but since the right side of his nose didn’t stop growing and became almost double sized than the other, the parents took him to a doctor.

The doctors found that Mathew has a rare tumor on the nostrils, which yearly in the UK appears only at 10 people. The lump actually has been caused by a tumor on the connective tissue.

The swelling was growing up to his right eye and engulfed even the mouth, so the doctors had to find an alternative therapy in order to protect the boy’s eyesight. The healing of Kirk continued in Oklahoma with a special therapy. The intense therapy lasted for nine weeks, and the final chemotherapy Mathew received in UK and now he’s finally healthy.

“The doctors in the beginning thought that it is about a bacterial infection, but when we found out that it is a tumor, we were shocked! We collected some money and flew in the USA. The therapy was really strong and Mathew had burns on his face. It was hard, but that was the only way to save our son”, told the parents of Mathew, Joanne and Nile Kirk.