Healing strawberries

It’s the season of this juicy and sweet most favorite fruit in the world. It can be found even in other periods of the year, but the real season is from April to the end of July.

wild-strawberry-556015The strawberries are rich source of phenol- an important antioxidant which helps in protecting of the cells structure, heart, but also acts like an anti carcinogenic. Contain lemon, salicylic and tartaric acids, potassium, calcium, phosphorus and iron, manganese, fibers, Vitamins B5, B6, K, magnesium, etc. They are effective in protection of muscle degeneration, arthritis, but also for general health.

Well known since ancient times

Exist more than 600 sorts of strawberries, but none has reached the nutrient and healing wealth and aroma as the wild strawberry. The wild strawberries are known since ancient times, they are originally from North Asia, from where they are transported in all parts of the world and people begin to produce them in the gardens even before Christianity. They have been very appreciated by the old Romans. Again they have become appreciated in the middle ages, but not as fruit, but as a healing product, because they were not tasty as they are today.

smoothies-785678What can they help?

Fresh strawberries can help in dissolution and ejection of the sand and the stone from the kidney, bile and bladder. They are good for skin diseases, high blood pressure, sclerosis, gout and rheumatism. For these health problems is recommended a therapy with half a kilogram of strawberries daily in longer period. If you replace two meals in a day with a portion of wild strawberries, you will clean your organism from parasites. Strawberry juice mixed with an egg white is used in the cosmetic as a mask that cleans the face skin. It’s recommended to put a fresh strawberry juice on the face, seven days in a row before sleeping, and after 20 minutes it should be washed with a chamomile.