Here’s why the first cigarettes in the morning are the most common cause of cancer!

As morning smoking is considered the cigarette smoked in the first half an hour after waking up, and this habit increases the risk of lungs cancer for 79% compared to smoking it one hour later.

Persons that smoke a cigarette right after waking up have a significantly higher risk of few dangerous and deadly diseases. Because of that, think twice before lighting the cigarette after waking up.

These morning smokers also have a higher risk of 59% for getting cancer of head and neck.

The right reason for so much increased risk is not yet known, but the researchers consider that the main reason is that the persons who light a cigarette right after waking up, are being addicts.

These persons have a significantly higher level of nicotine and other toxins of the cigarettes in their body and they are already being cigarette addicts because they can’t wait at least an hour. Also, these persons, smoke with a higher intensity and because of that they intake more smoke in their lungs and are being exposed more on carcinogenic materials”- says Dr. Joshua Muscat from the Penn State Medical College.