How many times you swallowed a chewing gum? Do you know what have you done to your stomach?!

You’ve been found in an unpleasant situation and you had to swallow your chewing gum. What now? How much would your stomach take to throw it away?

You’ve taken a chewing gum for having an important interview for your new job. You want to impress your new employee with your fresh breathe.

You’ve been called in the office, to make the interview, but you still have the gum in your mouth. What will you do? Of course, you will swallow it.

Right after the interview, you are not thinking about the success of it, but you’ve remembered about the warnings that if you swallow the gum, your intestines will stick together and that you won’t be able to throw it away for 7 years.

But, take it easy. The truth is different. Chewing gums consist of resin, wax, fats and emulsifier that are not digested, but human gizzard is taking everyday certain amounts of indigestible food, so it’s not that unusual nor dangerous.

In the moment when you swallow the chewing gum, its parts that the gizzard couldn’t digest, stay in the body until the gizzard don’t deal with it, and after certain time, the parts are being threw out from the organism.

However, the stories about the bad influence because of swollen chewing gums, is not only a myth. There are many cases where the gums could cause big digest problems, especially at little kids.