How often should you wash the hair? Find out here!

The hair is a vital part of many persons identity and learning about taking care for it could require years of attempts and mistakes. But when it is about understanding how many times should we wash it, lots of us stays in doubts.

How often should we wash it? To that question will answer Dr. Cristiana Colonna, a dermatologist in the Pediatric Dermatology at the General Hospital in Milano.

  1. On which way acts the shampoo?

Our hair becomes greasy because of accumulation of sebum: a greasy product of sebaceous glands spread everywhere on the skin and especially on the scalp. The accumulation of sebum on the hair favors the dust and dirt adhesion on them, so the shampoo acts like a remover of the sebum and dirt on it. “How you use a shampoo, also depends on the lifestyle – explains Dr. Colonna -: for those who live in a city is appropriate to wash the hair more often, for example in the alternate days to remove the dust and the smog”.

  1. Sebum and types of hair

Fine and smooth hair allows the grease to slide and spread better and faster, therefore, to make it dirty quickly. The thickest and curliest hair are generally driest and then the sebum needs more effort to expand along the follicle and to get down on the hair. The curly hair, particularly densely curly, delays the course of the sebum and water towards the roots of the hair.

  1. How many times and how often to wash the hair?

“The hair could be washed every day – says the dermatologist Colonna – especially when it starts itching because of the accumulation of sebum. What is important is to use a good quality shampoo with delicate surfactants. The shampoo with less foam or the oils are the most delicate detergents, because they are so aggressive that could dehydrate and damage the hair”.

  1. The balm

“The use of a balm is important because it creates a film that protects the hair from environmental damage as well as making them more lucid and comb. The balm could be applied on every washing: the choice is based on the typology of your own hair, more ‘lightly’ on the smooth hair and thicker for curly hair. Better focus on the way you put it – explains Dr. Colonna -: it’s not worth spreading it on the roots where it doesn’t get anyway, but concentrate on the stem or on the tips; before putting the balm, it’s necessary to dab the hair with a towel in order to remove the excess of water, otherwise the film that creates will adhere less”.