So far there are identified more than 100 allergies. The most common allergy of food is the one from wheat, dairy products, fruit, sugar, yeast, mushrooms, peanuts, eggs, soy, corn and beer. Here are few advices how to avoid the allergies.

Get used to read the labels

The labels on the products can confuse you. Try to provide a list of food and additives for food, made by your nutritionist, which you have to avoid.

Think before you eat

Call the restaurant before you go there to make sure that you can find a food that you could eat. When you order food, be precise of what you really want.

foodallergy-2Try new food

Instead of complaining of the food, that you cannot eat, find new foods and alternatives of the originals.

Be very careful!

Be careful in choosing the food of which is not applied a list of all ingredients that contains. If you are very allergic on peanuts, even the knife that you used to chop the peanuts, and after you used the very same knife for chopping the salad, it can cause allergic reaction.

You should approach very seriously on the food allergies. Many people frequently talks about it. It is very important to know if someone you know avoids some particular food and to make a proper lunch or dinner. SO BE CAREFUL!!