How To Get Rid Of The Nasty Smell From The Sink? Here’s A Simple Solution!

There’s nothing worse than the nasty smell from the sink. Some people will immediately reach out for chemical preparations, but they forget that these procedures affect on the quality of the subterranean waters.

Using this simple trick, you could ‘kill two birds with one stone’: to protect the nature and to get rid of the nasty smell of your house.


  • ½ glass of lemon juice
  • ½ glass of baking soda


Warm the lemon juice and add the baking soda in it, to dissolve. But do it slowly, because it will come to a certain chemical reaction between the juice and the soda in the form of a foam.


Mix them well and slowly pour the liquid into the sink. Wait for 10 minutes, so all the impurities got soaked, and then wash the sink with hot water.

Hurray! There’s no sign of the nasty smells. Only freshness!

In this way you could clean all the drains and get rid of the nasty smells. You could also use alcoholic vinegar instead of lemon juice.