How to judge is it necessary to lose weight?

Is it necessary or not to implement dietary or other measures to lose body weight? This is a question which is hard to answer even for an expert, not just for layman, but usually the layman makes a decision on his own, based on his believes and opts for one of the reduction diets that are offered to him by different, often anonymous, authors through intermediaries that publish it on the public communication networks, such as Internet, TV, Newspapers, etc. However, to make the right decision, it’s necessary to take in consideration few relevant elements.

Primarily, on the basis of physical characteristics, it must be determined the Body mass index (BMI) or the degree of obesity. It can be said for one person that is overweight if its relative body weight exceeds 20% of its ideal value, and the quantity of body fats is greater for 21% at men, and 36% at women.

belly-2354_1280Taking measures for implementation weight loss diets, as well as reduction of energetic materials in a daily meal and the length of the diet therapy depends on the degree of metabolic changes, and they are Hyperlipidemia and Hyperglycemia and presence of some deceases relevant for obesity, such as Hypertension, angina pectoris, stroke, diabetes, biliary tract disease and pancreas, gout, arthritis, damage to the spinal cord (spondylosis), etc.

However, in cases when the physical changes of this kind are not present, as it can be at young people and there is a fear of increasing the level of obesity with very accentuated complexes of less aesthetic value, it can be considered that exist personal medical indications for implementation of diet and other measures for normalizing the body weight. Special significance for such decision has the medical condition in the family itself. If in the family of the examinee have more obese people, especially if the obesity is followed by relevant metabolic changes I deceases, it’s considered that exist even family medical indications for taking dietary and other measures for reduction of the body weight, with hope that this spiritual fight against obesity will get transferred on the family.

According to this, in valuation if is it necessary or not to implement reductive diet, it must be determined if the person has psychological-esthetic, healthy, personal or family indications.