How to prevent heat stroke

What is a heat stroke?

The heat stroke has many symptoms as the sunstroke, but it doesn’t have to be as a consequence of direct exposure on the sun. Of the heat stroke can be affected the bakers or industrial workers who are working near ovens with high temperatures, the drivers who are in overheated automobile, campers who are sleeping in bad equipped tent or sailors who are near overheated boat’s engine.

The heat stroke occurs as a result of sudden or excessive increase of the body temperature and failure of the organism to maintain the temperature in normal borders. Usually it occurs when there is increased humidity in the air that makes the sweating more difficult, so the body temperature is constantly growing. This condition can lead to dysfunction of the central nervous system, that can lead to delirium, convulsion or coma.


  • Malaise
  • Dizziness
  • Weakness, thirst
  • Headache, weak but rapid pulse, decreased sweating
  • Dry and red skin

The heat stroke occurs suddenly and without warning – with sudden collapse and drop in blood pressure.


In order to avoid the sunstroke and the heat stroke, protect your head with hat or a cap, your clothes must be appropriate with the climate conditions, it’s important to be made of natural materials and light colors. Drink a lot of liquids and water, the nutrition must be balanced and light, rich with vitamins and minerals. The rooms for living or work must be cooled in relation to the outside temperatures, but not too cold.