How to prevent obesity in early childhood

It’s wrong when parents say that increased appetite is a measure of child health, and obesity a proof for good nutrition. It’s known that obese children more often suffer of virus infections, especially the respiratory organs, and later they are showing unwanted psychological deviations and signs of inferiority complex.

First step in preventing the obesity in early childhood is to convince the family that over-fed, obese little child is not a healthy child.

Little kids with a good appetite, over-fed with sweets and products rich with fats and sugar, can enjoy the food and eventually become greedy.

Because of that, you need to take control over the child’s nutrition and to see if the child needs to be fed more or less. Making the list of necessary foods, few products have priority:

-Milk is the main food of the child but it cannot be the only one, except in the first month of its life, because it contains insufficient amounts of iron and accelerates the appearance of anemia. Namely, kids that drink less milk, like to eat different products, such as fruit and vegetable who are rich with iron and vitamins.

-Eggs, especially soft-boiled, are the most complete foodstuffs, and therefore they have advantage in front of other foods from animal origin.

-Meat. The meat from young animals and poultry have advantage, as well as lean fish, but without spices and preservatives. Meat products, especially hot dogs and pate must be avoided because of the high concentration of fat and nitrite which are bad for health.

-Vegetable, boy-709943_1280fresh or frozen in a raw state or lightly steamed, as well as the one who can be given in mushy condition have advantage.

-Fruit. All types of fruit, especially juicy fruit in a raw state, is a necessary ingredient in the child’s nutrition. Apples are priority, but not peeled.

-Fats. Vegetable oil, especially corn and sunflower, as well as margarine enriched with vitamins.

-Flour and flour products. A bread of half white flour or wheat flour, preferably enriched with bran has priority.

-Juices. Thick juices by its value lags behind the fresh fruit, but have priority over the other drinks, such as syrups and artificial juices.

-Sweets that contain big amount of fats and sugar, such as different creams with the addition of chocolate and hazelnut, ice-cream, lollipops, needs to be minimized to prevent little kids to have habit eating it.