How to prevent the appearance of wrinkles?

As we get old, we become wiser, we gain valuable experiences and life lessons, but also, we have to face with the uncomfortable wrinkles.

Sleep with two pillows under the arms

The researches have shown that sleeping this way is decreasing the wrinkles appearance around the breasts, neckline and your health is getting improved.

Surround yourself with stuff

This tip may sound weird, but it is really effective when it is about prevention of premature appearance of wrinkles. Sleeping like this will make you not to move around and you’re staying in the same position, from which is hard to get wrinkles.

Sleep with a pillow under your legs

This way, you are improving the circulation of blood and reduce the stress and knee pain.

Sleep on a towel instead of pillow

This way you reduce the possibility of getting wrinkles on the neck and face.

Choose the right mattress

It is best to choose a hard mattress for maintaining the back health, blood circulation improvement and to prevent appearance of premature wrinkles on the face.

Choose the proper underwear

It is best to wear sports bra, because it will help you prevent the appearance of wrinkles on that part of the body.

Don’t forget to hydrate the skin

It is very important to drink enough liquids and to use proper creams that hydrate the skin.