How to recognize a GMO food?!

The GMO food is beautiful, rounded, shinier, with equal size and shape, without damages and without any rot.

Naturally, we are not all the same. Someone is taller, someone is shorter and fat, and someone is slim. The same counts for the natural fruits and vegetables. Buy gnarled, incorrect fruit and vegetable. Also pay attention the fruits or the vegetables have different colors, size and shape. Nothing will be wrong if the fruit or the vegetable is a bit whacked, or if it a bit rot.

Buy the products from a trusted man

The peasants sometimes sow GMO and feed the animals with GMO products not even knowing about it (mostly with corn). The meat of those animals looks the same as from the normal animals, but you should pay attention on the liver and kidney condition. If it looks a bit suspicious, better don’t buy it, because these animals could be feed with GMO food.

Everybody should know how an ill look, and how healthy looks. The ill looks pale, grey, yellowish, poorly vascularized, damaged and with growths that don’t look normally. The healthy meat is purple and red.

Ignore the nice packaging

The profitability from the GMO herbs, fruits and vegetables allows the manufacturers to spend some more money on nice packaging.

Get informed on the web about the countries that grown GMO

If something comes from the countries that introduced the GMO, it’s more likely that the same product is a GMO. Be more careful. Follow the news about the countries that forbid the production and import of the GMO, such as France and Hungary. This way you will be in a certain way sure that the product is not a GMO. The same thing goes for the biggest exporters of GMO food – USA, Argentina, Brazil, China and India, which produces a GMO cotton.