How to recognize a natural honey?

Crystallization is a normal appearance if the honey is static for long time. Just because this appearance we can be sure that the honey is natural. It comes to crystallization because of the glucose contained in the honey, and it does nоt remain liquid on a certain temperature, but it gets crystallized and so the honey changes its condition. At first the honey becomes creamy, but after it becomes abrupt.

honey-386714_1920It’s very important for the crystallization as appearance to emphasize that it does nоt have any impact on the chemical composition of the honey. Whether the honey will transform from a liquid to a solid condition depends on many factors, such as: concentration of sugar, amount of water and from the relative ratio between the two most included sugars, the glucose and the fructose.

  • If the honey contains more sugar, in that case, it crystallizes quickly, and on the crystallization speed affects the storage conditions, air temperature and the space humidity. Besides, on the crystallization also affects of which herb is made the honey.
  • If you put few teaspoons of honey into a microwave on a high temperature, the natural honey will crystallize. The artificial honey on a high temperature will be full of bubbles and it will hardly become a caramel.
  • beehive-335599_1280Put some honey near some ants. The bees will instinctively make a beehive into the trees or the rocks. They put some honey in order to protect from the pests, such as the ants. The ants will not touch the natural honey!
  • Fill a glass with water and put a teaspoon of honey. The natural honey will sink on the bottom, while the artificial honey will slowly start to melt.
  • The real honey will make you feel some tingling on the mouth right before the swallowing. The fake honey will never make you feel this effect.