How to remove an ingrown nail, without doing a surgery?!

Many things in the human’s body are happening in a natural way that could cause serious problems for our health. The ingrown nail is one of them. In the medicine, it’s considered as a chronic disease.

The ingrown nail makes your walk very painful, but there are many methods for its removal. If you don’t want to waste money on surgeries, you can do it at home.

Put 3 spoons of baking soda in 2 l of water (½ gallon) and put the mixture on the stove. When the water heats, put the leg with the ingrown nail in it, so the skin relaxes a bit. Later, put a cotton wool between the skin and the ingrown nail, and try to remove it with the tweezers.

CAUTION: Don’t forget to wash the cotton wool with an antibacterial liquid before.

Since you won’t be able to remove the whole ingrown nail at once, repeat this procedure in every 15 days, until you don’t remove all the parts of the ingrown nail.