If THIS leaks out of your vagina, visit your doctor IMMEDIATELY!

During the puberty, the body significantly changes  and individual appearances could really concern us or even frighten us.

One of those appearances is the vaginal discharge.

It is about a mucus which leaks sometimes out of the vagina and its appearance is usually connected to the sexual relations.

However, this discharge sometimes appears at girls that never had sex.

Excessive discharge, is not a reason to worry about. Some girls and women have excessive discharge during their whole life.

The discharge is not permanent, but it appears occasionally during the cleaning of the vagina. It usually contains tallow, sweat and cells that peels off the vaginal walls. It’s whitish and transparent.

However, if the excessive discharge lasts for a longer time, or the discharge gets unpleasant smell, changes the color into a yellowish, you start feeling itching or pricking in the intimate area, it is a sign that you should start worrying. In the indicated cases, you should immediately visit your gynecologist, because it is possible that you have some vaginal infection. It doesn’t matter if you are a virgin, because the vaginal infections don’t appear only through sex. If you are ashamed, go with your mother, older sister or a friend – but just go!

Just go and see an expert. On the contrary the things could get complicated. Even if it’s about some infection, sooner the infection is detected, sooner it will get cured.