Improve the blood circulation using these ingredients

By time, the blood vessels are getting weak and the circulation starts being heavier. If you’re additionally moving less, this process accelerates.

You don’t have to reach for medications right away, but try to be more physically active and start feeding healthier. These 7 ingredients must be included in your nutrition.

  1. Water – for normal circulation, it is necessary to drink 1.5 l of water in a day.
  2. Hot pepper is useful in every form – fresh, dry, grounded. When you eat it, the tongue starts tingling, and the face blushes, which is a consequence of blood flow in the capillaries.
  3. Gingko biloba is not very commonly in the kitchen, but you could find it in a pharmacy, in form of capsules or tablets. It improves the blood flow in the capillaries, especially in the brain, so it is also recommended for memory improvement.
  4. Put wheat germs into the cereal that you eat for breakfast or add them into another meal, salad or sandwich, because they are rich source of vitamin E, which strengthens the blood vessels.
  5. Ginger – definitely the best heater. You could make a bath with grounded ginger or drink a ginger tea. Add 230 g of chopped ginger into 2 l of water and put it on a stove to boil. When it start boiling, remove it and leave it covered for 15 minutes and at the end strain it. You could add a bit of lemon and honey, for better taste.
  6. Rosemary wine – mix a handful of rosemary needles into a liter of quality wine (domestic red wine is the best). Keep the mixture in a glass bottle for 7 days, shaking it at least 2-3 times a day. At the 8-th day strain the mixture and drink twice a day in brandy glasses: in the morning on empty stomach and before lunch. In order to feel the effect, it must pass a month.
  7. Basil for faster blood flow – cook a tea by pouring a boiling water over 10-15 g of basil and let it soaks for an hour. Drink at will.