Kefir as a remedy! Preparation and use

Kefir, the potion of longevity, originally from the Caucasus region, is a dairy product which could be easily prepared in your homes. The therapeutic properties originate from the so called kefir’s grains. Because of that, it was recognized as the best remedy against pulmonary tuberculosis since 1887.

How to make kefir?

  1. Pour milk at room temperature in a jar, add a spoon of kefir grains and leave it for 24 hours on a room temperature.
  2. Strain the kefir, through a plastic strainer, stirring lightly with a plastic or wooden spoon, in order not to damage the fungus. You will get 2 cups of kefir which is very tasty.
  3. Wash the fungus with water, every third or fourth day and transfer into a clear jar with milk, cover it with gauze and leave it during the night in a dark place.
  4. Tomorrow or every following day repeat the procedure. By the time, the fungus are getting doubled.
  5. In preparation of kefir use only plastic, glass or porcelain dishes.

Use of the kefir

  • Allergic rash, eczema – 0,5 l daily (lubricate the allergic areas with kefir)
  • Kidney and bladder problems – 1 l daily
  • Addiction diseases (alcoholism and drugs) – 1 l of kefir daily
  • Stomach ulcer – 1 l daily (during 2 months)
  • Asthma, bronchial catarrh – 1 l daily
  • Decreases blood pressure and bodyweight
  • Anemia and leukemia – 1 l daily (in worse cases 2 l daily)
  • Gall bladder inflammation – 1 l daily (2-3 months)